Morinaga Bifidobacteria BB536 (15 days worth) 15 alive

Morinaga Bifidobacteria BB536 (15 days worth) 15 alive


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Product Details

●Foods with functional intestinal function indication.
●We selected Bifidobacteria BB536, which is strong against acid and oxygen, from many bacteria, and devised it so that it can be delivered to the intestines alive, and packed it into a small vegetable capsule.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw materials]
Bifidobacteria powder (starch, dried Bifidobacteria powder), digested milk protein, starch, milk oligosaccharide (lactulose), HPMC, sodium alginate, Ca carbonate, Ca phosphate, caramel pigment, (raw material (Part of the contains milk)

[Nutrition Indication]
(per capsule 246mg)
Energy 0.76kcal, protein 0.06g, lipid 0-0.01g, carbohydrate 0.16g (sugar: 0.12g, dietary fiber) : 0.04g), salt equivalent 0-0.01g 

[Notification display]
This product contains Bifidobacterium BB536 . Bifidobacterium BB536 has been reported to have a function of improving the intestinal environment and adjusting the condition of the intestine.

Usage and dose
[How to enjoy] Take
1 capsule daily with water etc.

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