Nakamura MENS Foot Rila Sheet 6 Sheets

Nakamura MENS Foot Rila Sheet 6 Sheets

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Natural sap sheet Healing and refreshing odor! !! Bamboo sap powder + eucalyptus & mint World-recognized sheet Our sap sheet is the only one in the industry to be recognized by the US ISO Biological Laboratory. Hot, hot, fighting man ...! Take a break with a foot lira sheet ...! Before going to bed! Between work! After sports! Before the date! The power of natural sap firmly cares for unnecessary water from the soles of the feet. If you put a foot lira sheet on the sole of your foot, bamboo sap powder will gently care for your tired foot. In addition, the sheet pasted before the night break due to unnecessary moisture

Ingredients / quantity Raw materials Dextrin, bamboo sap, eucalyptus leaf powder, Houttuynia cordata leaf powder, peppermint leaf powder, loquat leaf powder, chitosan, vitamin C, natural extract Usage and dosage How to use 1. Attach the printed side of the natural sap sheet to the adhesive side of the fixed adhesive sheet. * Please align the two sheets in the center as much as possible. 2.1. Please stick the sheet on the sole of your foot or the part you care about and fix it. * It is effective to apply it before taking a rest.

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