Noguchi Medical Research Institute Enzyme + Lactic Acid Bacteria 120 Tablets

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Enzyme + Lactic Acid Bacteria 120 Tablets


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As traditional fermented foods with lactic acid bacteria and enzymes are good for the body, they have long been a part of the Japanese diet. This product contains 90 types of fermented vegetables, fermented brown rice, lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber. Living enzymes and live lactic acid bacteria support dieters and those who want to enjoy a refreshing life.
• Contents: 120 tablets
• Materials / Ingredients: dietary fiber, fermented brown rice flour, dextrin, cereal fermented extract, sporangium lactobacillus, edible refined processing fat, powder of bifidobacterium, vegetable wildflower fermented extract (oligosaccharide, sugar, sugarcane, mugwort, others), Maltose, starch, papaya powder, cellulose, Ca stearate, finely divided silicon oxide, (including milk, wheat, apples and yam with some of the raw materials)
• Nutritional information indication (per 4 tablets 1,000 mg): Energy 3.9 kcal, Protein 0.014 g, Fat 0.04 g, Carbohydrate 0.88 g, Sodium 0.08 mg
• Size: 10 x 58 x 58
• Weight (product only) [g]: 152
• Produced in: Japan
• Manufacturer's name: Meiji Drugs
• Precautions: If you feel abnormal in your body, please stop using it immediately. If you are allergic, please check the raw materials. Please consult your doctor if you are in diet therapy, during treatment, pregnancy or lactation. After opening, please enjoy closing the stopper tightly and as soon as possible.

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