Nose Mask Pit Small 14 pieces

Nose Mask Pit Small 14 pieces

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This product uses a high-quality polyethylene non-woven filter with a pollen filtration rate of 100%. In addition to pollen removal, it also has excellent antibacterial and antifungal safety. It can be used as a measure against pollen that is increasing in number, as well as against dust, exhaust gas, and air pollution at factories and construction sites. For measures such as pollen, PM2.5, splashed virus, dust, dust, house dust, mold and yellow sand!

The nose mask pit is different from the conventional mask that covers the face, because the filter of the nose mask pit is used by directly inserting it into the nose, so the facial expression can be seen and conversation and meals can be performed as usual. There is no mask to cover the face, so there is no discomfort for women or breathlessness caused by the mask.

Bio International nose mask pit S size 

 [Filter Size] diameter 7.8Mm
 [filter cover size] diameter 10.7Mm
 [filter material] polyester spunbond Non-woven fabric
 [Frame material] Polypropylene
 [Country of manufacture] Japan

Bio International nose mask pit R size 

 [Filter Size] Diameter 9.2mm
 [Filter Cover Size] Diameter 11.5mm
 [Filter Material] Polyester Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric
 [Frame Material] ] Polypropylene
 [Country of manufacture] Japan

Please use by gently inserting it into your nose. The nose mask pit is a single-use product. Please don't wash it with water. 

・ Do not use if you have a weak internal nose and may bleed.
・ Be especially careful when using this for children.
・ Do not use with children only.
・ Please keep out of reach of children.
・ If you feel any abnormality, consult a specialist.

Raw materials and ingredients
Filter: Polyester nonwoven fabric Frame: Polypropylene

How to use
With your fingers gently insert it in the nasal cavity. Some people may feel discomfort while wearing it, but you should get used to it.

Safety warning
Keep out of the reach of children. If you feel any more, consult a specialist. Do not use it if you have a weak internal nose and may bleed. Be especially careful when using it for children. Also, please do not use this product for children only.

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