Okamoto Thermal Sheet 4 Thermal Girls

Okamoto Thermal Sheet 4 Thermal Girls

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A thermal sheet that can be attached to the inside of women's shorts. It promotes blood circulation and relieves pain due to the heat effect. It warms up gently at a comfortable temperature of 39 degrees.

Usage and dosage [How to use] ● Take out the sheet from the bag, peel off the peeling paper, and stick it on the inside of the clothes (up to 8 hours at a time) ● Lightly press the sheet from the top of the clothes to fit it to the clothes. ● When the heat generation is over, quickly and slowly peel off the sheet from the edge.

Precautions for use ● When using this product for people with physical disabilities or dementia, please be careful of those around you. ● Those who develop eczema or urticaria due to heat. ● Those who have a low feeling of warmth or are sensitive to temperature. ● Those who cannot remove it immediately by their own will. ● Please note the following to prevent low temperature burns. ● If you feel it is too hot, stop using it immediately. ● Do not apply directly to the skin. ● Do not use at bedtime. ● It is recommended to attach it to the inner surface of clothing so that the adhesive part does not wrinkle, the sheet floats, or peels off. ● Do not press the part where the sheet is pasted from above with rubber or girdle of underwear, or press it for a long time. ● Do not heat the pasted area with a heating device such as a kotatsu or bedding. ● Do not use on the same site as other treatment devices at the same time. ● For human body only. ● Do not throw or squeeze. The sheet may tear and the contents may spill. ● If the contents of the sheet come in contact with the skin, wash it off or wipe it off with a wet cloth. ● If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with running water without rubbing and consult a doctor. ● Do not get it wet with water. ● I can't eat it. If swallowed, lie down and consult a doctor. ● Do not use if the sheet has scratches or holes. (There is a risk of abnormal heat generation) ● After use, dispose of according to the classification of the municipality. Consultation points for use [Consult with a doctor or pharmacist] ● Those who are treated by a doctor ● Those who are diabetic or have a blood circulation disorder ● Those who are prone to swelling ● Those who have a fever or have an inflammatory disease ● Drugs and cosmetics Those who have had allergic symptoms (rash, redness, itching, rash, etc.) ● Pregnant people [Discontinue use and consult a doctor in the following cases] ● If the pain suddenly becomes stronger ● When redness and itching do not disappear ● When symptoms such as eczema, rash and low temperature burn appear ● When symptoms of the affected area such as back pain and abdominal pain worsen You may feel itchy or itchy. [Do not use on the following areas] ● Inflamed areas such as fever and swelling due to beating and contusion ● Areas with cuts, scratches, insect bites, eczema, rashes, etc. Site Precautions for storage and handling ● Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat sources (kotatsu, on a computer, etc.). ● Keep out of reach of young children and people with dementia. ● Do not put directly on the skin. ● Be sure to open the bag by hand just before using it. (If you use scissors, you may cut the contents.) ● The sheet should not be shaken or rubbed. ● Be careful not to get your hair caught. ● Stick it so that it does not stick out of the clothing. ● When putting on and taking off clothes while using the toilet etc., be careful not to peel off the sheet. ● Depending on the fabric of clothing (nylon, polyurethane, lace, etc.), it may be difficult for the sheet to stick. ● Do not use for clothing such as delicate fabrics (silk, lace, etc.) and long-haired fabrics. ● If you forcibly remove it, you may damage your clothes. ● Carefully peel off so as not to tear. ● If you reattach it, the adhesive strength will decrease.

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