Orihiro oyster extract 120 caps

Orihiro oyster extract 120 caps

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Product Details

Zinc 12mg Zinc for 10 raw oysters (in 4 capsules)
Oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture
Odorless and sugar-coated type
●This product extracts and concentrates nutrients from nutritious and fresh oysters from the Seto Inland Sea/Hiroshima I used the oyster extract. Furthermore, it has a sugar-coated type that prevents odor and can be used easily.
● In addition to containing 12 mg of the essential mineral zinc (equivalent to 10 raw oysters), B1, V. B2, V. B6, V. Strengthening B12.
● As a supplement for people who are worried about lack of stamina on a daily basis or for those who like alcohol and who are concerned about their physical condition, please take it for daily health management.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

<raw materials>
Lactose, oyster meat concentrated extract, sugar, yeast containing zinc, crystalline cellulose, sucrose fatty acid ester, Ca carbonate, V. B1, V. B2, paste (gum arabic), fine silicon oxide, V.I. B2, shellac, V. B6, talc, gelatin, colorants (flavonoids, caramel), carnauba wax
<Nutrition Indications>
4 products (2.2g) Calories...8kcal
carbohydrate... 1.72g
Vitamin B1・・・24mg
Vitamin B2・・・11mg
Vitamin B6・・・9mg
Vitamin B12・・・30μg
○Amount of main ingredients
4 products (2.2g) Medium
oyster Concentrated meat extract・・・500mg

Usage and dose
<How to eat>
● Take about 4 tablets daily .
● Take with water or hot water at meals.
● If you are using the product for the first time, please start from a small amount.
● Please observe the recommended daily intake.
<Estimated daily intake>
4 tablets

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