ORIHIRO Shark Liver Oil 180 caps

ORIHIRO Shark Liver Oil 180 caps

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Product Details

○ The raw materials for this product are mainly deep-sea sharks that live on the Atlantic coast. The captured deep-sea shark liver is hygienically processed in a fully equipped facility on board, and processed in a fresh state. The liver oil thus obtained contains nutrients such as squalane, diacyl glyceryl ether, and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, DPA) as they are.
○ This product is a health supplement that processes freshly taken liver oil while keeping it fresh to make soft capsules that are easy to drink. You can use the true liver oil power that has been used for a long time for physical condition management, beauty and health.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

deep-sea shark produce liver extract, gelatin, glycerin, antioxidants (Vitamin E: Soybean-derived)

<Nutritional Information>
(including 6 capss 2640Mg / gelatin capsules) calories · · · 19Kcal
Tan white matter ··· 0.61g
lipid ··· 1.78g
carbohydrate ··· 0.21g
sodium ··· 0 ~ 10mg

squalene 900Mg · · ·
DHA · · · 24Mg
DPA · · · 6Mg
EPA · · · 6Mg
diacyl glyceryl ether ...・510 mg

Usage and dose
<How to eat>
○ Take about 6 capsules per day as a guide, and divide into several times at meal times and take with water or hot water.

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