Otsuka Pharmaceutical Ul/Os Medicinal Skin Wash 420Ml

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Ul/Os Medicinal Skin Wash 420Ml

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Cleans the face and body with a single bottle to cleanse the skin and prevent body odor and sweat odor. Contains cymene-5-ol (bactericide) and glycyrrhizic acid 2K (anti-inflammatory agent). Cleans, sterilizes and disinfects the skin and prevents body odor, sweat odor and acne.・ Sufficient foaming force and foam cushioning lasts quickly, so there is no strain on the skin during washing. -Since you can wash your face and body with this one, it is perfect for men who are troublesome. It can be washed off quickly, so busy men can take a bath quickly. -The cleaning base is mainly fatty acid soap, and while it is liquid, we pursued the performance of using solid soap. It's perfect for men who want to be refreshed but don't want to be taut.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount Active ingredient: Simene-5-ol, glycyrrhizinate 2K Other ingredients: lauric acid, DPG, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, glycol distearate, sodium laurylaminodiacetic acid , Hydroxyethyl cellulose, persimmon tannin, glycerin, concentrated glycerin, sodium citrate, Zn sulfate, edetate, K hydroxide, fragrance, purified water Usage and dosage [Usage] Appropriate amount for body towels and sponges soaked in hot water Take, lather well and wash, then rinse well. Dosage form / shape Liquid

Efficacy Efficacy / effect Skin cleaning / sterilization / disinfection. Prevents body odor, sweat odor and acne


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