P & G Japan h & s scalp scalp shampoo oily refill 300ml

P & G Japan h & s scalp scalp shampoo oily refill 300ml

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Prevents stubborn dandruff, itch and scalp odor * STEP1 for greasy scalp Shampoo Citrus Aroma scent h & sscalp Features 1 Active ingredient Pirocton olamine prevents the growth of dandruff and itch "causative bacteria *" hidden in the back of pores (* Malassezia bacterium) 2 Micro foaming, scalp cleansing 3 Non-silicon prescription 4 Weakly acidic 5 Scalp-friendly * By continuous use

Ingredients, amount, usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Purified water, polyoxyethylene lauryl ether sodium sulfate, coconut oil fatty acid amide propylbetaine solution, ammonium xylene sulfonate solution, coconut oil fatty acid monoethanolamide, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, fragrance, anhydrous citric acid, benzoic acid Sodium, concentrated glycerin, O- [2-hydroxy-3- (trimethylammonio) propyl] hydroxyethyl cellulose chloride, O- [2-hydroxy-3- (trimethylammonio) propyl] guar gum, sodium hydroxide, methylchloro Isothiazolinone / Methylisothiazolinone solution Usage and dosage Recommended usage ・ By continuing to use with h & s scalp's "scalp conditioner", you can expect a long-term preventive effect on dandruff and itch.・ Shampoo to massage the skin with your fingers. 1 While holding the shoulder of the pump with one hand, turn the head. Please press it several times at first. 2 Turn the pump head to the front and push it with the palm of your hand to remove the contents. When refilling the bottle, hold the bottle with one hand and turn the shoulder to open it.

Precautions for use Do not use if you have a skin disorder such as eczema or dermatitis (rash, sore) as it may worsen. If you feel a rash or irritation, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Be careful not to get this in your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Keep out of the reach of children.

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