P&G Prestige Gk SK-II Color Clear Beauty Eyebrow Liner B10

P&G Prestige Gk SK-II Color Clear Beauty Eyebrow Liner B10

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Contains treatment ingredients. An oval type with a delicate drawing feel that keeps the freshly drawn lines for a long time. With a soft-touch core designed in an oval shape, you can draw eyebrows smoothly, whether they are thin or thick. You can keep the freshly drawn line for a long time without bleeding.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount Hydrogenated castor oil, tristearin, polyglyceryl pentastearate-6, tri (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl, hydrogenated coconut oil, beeswax, hydrogenated palm oil, microcrystallin wax・ Hydrogenated palm kernel oil ・ Hydrogenated palm oil ・ Stearin paraben ・ Methylparaben ・ Olive oil ・ Tocopherol ・ Chrismum maritimum extract ・ Yeast polysaccharide ・ Galactomyces culture solution (Gyunyu) ・ (+/-) ・ Mica ・ Iron oxide ・Titanium oxide, coconut, talc, methicone, palmitoyl proline, palmitoyl sarcosin Na, palmitoyl glutamate Mg, Al hydroxide, palmitic acid Usage and dosage [Usage] Turn the main body to the right to pull out the core. Open the cap and blur it with the included screw brush to finish.


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