Pancilon 01 Plus 48 packets

Pancilon 01 Plus 48 packets

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Size: 48 packets
Number of units: 1 Pancilon 01 + Zero One Plus eliminates stomach problems after eating and drinking and restores the normal condition. It features the flavor of aromatic herbal medicine and a refreshing feeling that dissolves quickly and quickly. In addition, we added "carrot powder" that activates the function of the stomach to antacids, mucous membrane repair agents, and digestive agents, and prescribed 13 kinds of active ingredients in a well-balanced manner. [Product Features] Stomach-healing herbal medicine Carrot powder / Cinnamon powder combination The stomach-healing herbal medicine ingredients rejuvenate the stomach weakened by overdrinking and eating too much. Fine-grained type with a refreshing taste that is easy to drink. It feels good on the tongue when taken, and dissolves quickly and quickly without becoming lumpy in the mouth.
Manufacturer: Rohto Pharmaceutical
Manufacturer Reference: 4987241103720
Packing Size: 10.49 x 7.49 x 5.79 cm; 122 g

JAN: 4987241103720

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