Pearl metal racking Iron lid with handle Round grill pan 20cm Made in Japan HB-1952

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Product size: (approx.) Width 235 x Depth 215 x Height 50 mm (when using lid, not including handle), Product weight: (approx.) Body / 600 g (when using lid), handle / 65 g Material: Iron (silicone resin coating) Country of origin: Japan
Size: 20cm Smart and authentic cooking on the grilled fish on the stove. Can be cooked in a shorter time than an oven. For pizza, it can be cooked in about 1/3 of the time of the oven. Since it is a grill, it can be cooked evenly at high temperature, the taste of the material is condensed, it is fluffy from the inside with far infrared rays, and it is evenly baked with convection heat. With a handle that is convenient for taking out the plump taste from the condensed grill using a fish grill, gas fire, oven toaster, IH cooking heater, halogen heater, and other all heat sources. If you use it as a set, you can put a hot grill pan on the table. HB-993 Racking grill pan for 20 cm If you use the ami as a set, you can remove excess fat and expand the range of dishes. Can be used with grilled fish with a grill entrance width of 230 mm or more, a depth of 250 mm or more, and a grill entrance height of 50 mm or more from the top of the oven. The fish grill can be used for both double-sided and single-sided grilling. Also, depending on the grill, there is a type with water in the saucer and without water, so please read the instruction manual of the heating equipment you are using and use it correctly.

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