Pinatural Moisture Gel Liquid Foundation, Ochre, 1.0 fl oz (30 ml)

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Contents: 30ml All ingredients: water, BG, glycerin, pentylene glycol, octyldodecanol, squalane, quince seed extract, saxifrage extract, button extract, kakkon extract, clove extract, arnica extract, cucumber extract, ivy extract, elderberry extract, mallow extract, parietalia extract, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyapatite, sodium trilaureth-tetraphosphate, dinonoxynol-tetraphosphate, tocopherol, ethanol, glyceryl caprylate, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, (+/ -) Mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide Skin type: Sensitive

Liquid foundation that leads to beautiful skin Moisture gel Liquid foundation is water-based and does not interfere with skin breathing, and is very light to wear. It also contains 11 kinds of botanical extracts. Supports your skin while caring for your skin during makeup. Daily UV cut, paraben free. Water-based for peace of mind Most liquid foundations in general are based on silicone or oil to improve spreadability and give a glossy look. On the other hand, Moisture Gel Liquid Foundation is a water-based formula that does not use silicone, so it is less burdensome on the skin and provides a natural feel. As a smooth, bare skin-like finish, it is surprisingly smooth, so you can finish it to a fresh and natural skin without the feeling of thick application and suffocation of the skin peculiar to liquid foundation. The finish is surprisingly smooth, so you can finish your skin fresh and natural without feeling the thick coating or stuffy skin that is unique to liquid foundations. The color is a natural skin tone. standard skin tone. For a finish that looks like a thin veil on your skin. Recommended for those who like natural makeup. SPF15, PA+. ■Foundation that improves the condition of your skin ・Olive squalane: Moisturizes and softens your skin.・Quince Seed Extract: Moisturizing effect on skin with viscous extract.・Saxifrage extract: Effective in preventing rough skin and dullness*. *Old keratin/button extract: cares for damage caused by UV rays. In addition, many plant extracts are blended to care for your skin during makeup. ■Because it is a foundation that is worn all day long, it is gentle on the skin by not using silicon or mineral oil, and by blending plant extracts, we aim to make women beautiful while applying makeup. I was. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin troubles caused by makeup, please try it. ●What is “Pai Natural”? I want to choose safe products for myself and my family...Natural skin care that fulfills such feelings. It is an additive-free, hypoallergenic formula that can be used by babies and those with sensitive skin. Petroleum-based surfactants Additive-free petroleum-based surfactants may dissolve sebum and break the skin barrier. ■ Mineral oil Additive-free mineral oil is also called mineral oil and is very inexpensive. It may oxidize on the surface of the skin and block the pores, which may damage the function of the skin. ■ Parabens (preservatives) Additive-free parabens are used as preservatives and fungicides and are inexpensive, but they are former designated ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic. ■Synthetic Fragrances Unlike natural fragrances, additive-free synthetic fragrances are synthesized using petroleum as a raw material, and may cause rough skin and rashes. ■Coloring agent Additive-free synthetic coloring agent is made from petroleum. Although it comes in a wide variety of colors, it can cause skin problems such as irritation and rough skin. ■Alcohol Additive-free alcohol gives you a refreshing feeling and makes your skin feel tighter, but it breaks the skin barrier. Precautions for use If it does not suit your skin, please stop using it immediately.

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