ReFa CARAT RAY FACE Made in Japan

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Pinch deep and flush.With a beautiful flow, it gives your face a soft, glossy expression, and a soft sheen.

Streamlined body that feels good in your hands.Among them, there are many large solar panels that emit a presence among them, producing "Micro Current".A compact double drenage designed specifically for the female face and decollete. *2 rollers fit well even in the smallest contours of the body.The deep pinch action reproduces the movement of "kneeding" to beautifully tighten the skin of delicate women.

1. Our ratio (compared to ReFa CARAT FACE). *2 Drenage is an expression of the flowing movement of the esthetician and does not represent the effectiveness of the human body.

ReFa CARAT RAY FACE Advantages

[Esthetic Method]

Recreates intricate and advanced movements of the professional "kneeding".Deep pinch action leads to a crisp, glossy and toned skin.

Micro current:

The light is captured from the solar panel on the handle and generates a large amount of "micro current" of weak current.

Compare to our company (compared to ReFa CARAT Face)

Platinum Coat:

The delicate skin of the roller has a platinum coat for a beautiful shine.

Waterproof Construction:

Waterproof specification that meets JIS standards (IPX7 equivalent).Can also be used in the bathtub.


Decolarte Care

Roll up and down between collarbone and chest

Face Line Care

Roll left and right to hold your chin in in a way that is focused on the line of the lower jaw.

Face Line Care

Roll from the mouth to the bottom of the cheekbone to the side of the ear.

Face Care

Gently roll up and down from the mouth angle to the side of the nose.

Eye Care

Use one roller to gently roll under your eyes.

Head Care

Roll up and down from temple to top of head.

Please be careful not to pull your hair.



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