Rohto Pharmaceutical 50 no Megumi Whitening Hydrate 230mL (Non-medicinal products)

Rohto Pharmaceutical 50 no Megumi Whitening Hydrate 230mL (Non-medicinal products)

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Reach the source of deep-seated medicinal stains! For moisturized skin without spots, this one has the functions of lotion, milky lotion, and beauty essence! Whitening ★ Active ingredient Arbutin ★ Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. Contains 50 types of "nourishing" ingredients * W Vitamin: Vitamin A oil, Vitamin E 2 types of hyaluronic acid: Super hyaluronic acid (acetylated sodium hyaluronate), Na-23 types of hyaluronic acid Collagen: Hydrolyzed collagen (collagen)・ Tripeptide F), water-soluble collagen solution, succinyl atelocollagen solution * Moisturizing ingredient [Healing olive citrus scent] [Patch tested (not all people are irritated)]

Ingredients / quantity・ Usage Ingredients / quantity Active ingredient Arbutin Other ingredients Water-soluble collagen solution, collagen tripeptide F, succinyl atelocollagen solution, Na-2 hyaluronate, acetylated sodium hyaluronate, royal jelly extract, honey, aloe extract-2, soybean extract, Lemon extract, Vitamin A oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin E acetic acid ester, squalane, vaseline, DPG, concentrated glycerin, diglycerin, anhydrous ethanol, glyceryl trioctanoate, POP methyl glucoside, cyclopentasiloxane, sorbitan stearate, / Tetradecane diic acid) decaglyceryl solution, stearoyl glutamate Na, TEA, acrylic acid / alkyl methacrylate copolymer, carboxyvinyl polymer, sucrose fatty acid ester, maltierella oil, menthylglyceryl ether, N-lauroyl-L-glutamate di (Phytosteryl 2-octyldodecyl), EDTA-2Na, BG, methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine / butyl methacrylate copolymer solution, arginine, glycine, soybean protein hydrolyzate-2, DL-pyrrolidone sodium carboxylate solution, hydrolyzed silk solution , Yeast extract-4, Sakura leaf extract, Ginseng extract, Hop extract, Himefuuro extract, Neem leaf extract, Mematsuyoigusa extract, Maronie extract, Izayoi rose extract, Sugina extract, Amachazuru extract, Rosemary extract, Tokinsenka extract, Camomila extract -1, Otogirisou extract, Shinanoki extract, Roman chamomile extract, Yagurumagiku extract, Cucumber extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Artichoke extract, Chlorella extract, Paraben, Fragrance Usage and dosage How to use After washing your face, take an appropriate amount (1 to 2 pushes) on your hands or cotton and apply it to your entire face. Dosage form / shape Milk

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