Rohto Pharmaceutical De Ou Medicinal Scalp Care Conditioner <Refill> 320ml (Non-medicinal products)

Rohto Pharmaceutical De Ou Medicinal Scalp Care Conditioner 320ml (Non-medicinal products)

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Hair damage that is easily damaged Hair is smooth and clean to the odor of sweat. Thorough block of odor of hair for a long time. For hair ● Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients Prevents fluff and itching ● Contains hydrolyzed collagen * (wetting agent) Contains moisturizes and keeps hair healthy ● The odor veil effect protects hair from odors and makes it refreshing ● Non-silicon prescription for scalp and hair ● Citrus herb scent * Hydrolyzed collagen solution (4)

Ingredients / quantity Active ingredient Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate Other ingredients Hydrolyzed collagen solution (4), trimethylammonio hydroxypropyl hydroxyethyl cellulose chloride, trimethylammonio hydroxypropyl guar gum chloride, hydroxyethane diphosphonic acid solution, betaine, lactic acid, palmitin Cetyl acid, diisobutyl adipate, menthol, macadamia nut oil, dimethylstearylamine, diethylaminoethylamide stearate, myristyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, PG, phenoxyethanol, paraben, fragrance Usage and dosage How to use After shampooing, lightly drain and take an appropriate amount, gently massage the scalp and apply it to the hair and the entire scalp, then rinse thoroughly. Dosage form / shape Liquid

Efficacy Efficacy / effect Prevents sweaty odor of hair and scalp, prevents dandruff and itching, supplements and keeps moisture and fat in hair, prevents hair split, cut and split ends, keeps hair and scalp healthy

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