Sagami Usukute-Fit Condom, Value 1000, 12 X 3 Boxes

Sagami Usukute-Fit Condom, Value 1000, 12 X 3 Boxes


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A thin-type condom with lubricant that provides a smooth usage sensation. A straight type in a pink color.
• Contents: 12 x 3 Boxes
• Ingredients/Materials: natural rubber latex
• Size: 14cm x 8cm x 7.5cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 125
• Country of Manufacture: Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.
• Handling Precautions: Use 1 condom per time. Use a new condom each time. Be sure to read the instruction manual before use. When condoms are used properly, they are effective for contraception and reduce the danger of becoming infected with many sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. However, these effects are not 100% guaranteed. Store in a cool, dark place inside its packaging. Also, do not store together with volatile substances such as insecticides.

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