Sakura Coupy Pencil, 18 Colors (W/Can)

Sakura Coupy Pencil, 18 Colors (W/Can)


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18 colors (yellow, bright golden yellow, orange, light orange, brown, red brown, ochre, vermillion, red, peach, purple, light blue, yellow green, green, blue, mouse, black, white) Doesn't break easily and easy to ease. The whole item is a color pencil. A new type of pencil that has the easy writing of a color pencil and beautiful color of a crayon. The whole of the shaft is actually the pencil core so the core capacity is approx. 4 times more than conventional color pencils, making these economical.
• Contents: 18 pencils + Coupy eraser + Coupy sharpener
• Ingredients/Materials: pigment, resin, wax
• Size: 18 x 2 x 21.5cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 340
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Sakura Color Products
• Handling Precautions: Take care so that this isn't put in the mouth. May cause blockage if swallowed. When used by young children, make sure it is under the supervision of a guardian. Do not leave in places with high temperatures (over 50 degrees). This will cause deformation.

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