Sassa Mite Repellent Cleaning Sheets 20 Units

Sassa Mite Repellent Cleaning Sheets 20 Units


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Dry mite repellent cleaning sheets. The uneven but soft sheets catches the dust and the mites with it. The repellent works up to a year after opening. No insecticides used.
• Content: 20 units
• Ingredients: Liquid paraffin, dibutyl sebacate
• Size: 70mm x 210mm x 110mm
• Weight [g]: 115
• Manufacturer: KINCHO
• Handling Precautions: Do not use the product for other than its intended purpose. Do not use the sheets for wiping unfinished woodwork or vinyl floors as it can cause some discoloration. The sheets are not absorbent so do not use for wiping wet places. Clean the surface of elements such as sand grains or papers before using the sheets as these can scrape the surface when using. Do not use on coarse surfaces such as carpets. The fibers of the sheet may tear off. Use rubber gloves if you are concerned about possible irritation in your hands.Store in a cold, dry place, out of the sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from fire. The sheets do not dissolve in water so do not flush them into the toilet. Discard the product according to the guidance of your local municipality.

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