Sato Pharmaceutical Arasena S Cream 2g

Sato Pharmaceutical Arasena S Cream 2g

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Aracena S Cream is a remedy for herpes labialis that contains vidarabine, an anti-herpesvirus component. ○ If you feel any discomfort such as tingling or tingling on or around your lips, we recommend that you apply it immediately. 

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / amount 1 g of vidarabine ・ ・ ・ 30 mg (suppresses the growth of herpes virus) As additives, stearic acid, palmitic acid, cetanol, self-emulsifying type Contains glyceryl monostearate, glycerin, D-sorbitol, Na hydroxide, K hydroxide, paraben, and 3 other ingredients. Dosage and administration Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area 1 to 4 times a day. (If you feel any discomfort such as tingling or tingling on or around your lips, apply immediately.)
Precautions regarding usage and dosage. (1) Strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage. (2) If you want to use it for children, please use it under the guidance and supervision of parents. (3) Be careful not to get this in your eyes. Should it get in your eyes, immediately wash with water or lukewarm water. If you have severe symptoms, please consult an ophthalmologist. (4) Please use only for external use. (5) Do not put it in your mouth or lick it. (6) Please be careful not to accidentally use it by a person who seems to have developed the disease for the first time in the family. Dosage Form / Shape Cream

Efficacy Indications Recurrence of cold labialis (limited to those who have been diagnosed and treated by a doctor in the past)

Precautions for use Precautions for use 1. Do not use the following people (1) People who have never been diagnosed or treated for cold herpes by a doctor. (People who have never been diagnosed with herpes labialis by a doctor are difficult to judge for themselves, and the symptoms may worsen when they first develop, so please consult a doctor.) ( 2) People with a wide range of affected areas. (If the affected area is extensive, it is serious, so please consult a doctor.) (3) Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to this drug or the ingredients of this drug. (The use of this drug may cause allergic symptoms again.) (4) Infants under 6 years old. (Infants are likely to have been infected for the first time.) (5) People with systemic symptoms such as fever and widespread rash. (If you have systemic symptoms such as fever or a widespread rash, it may become severe, so please consult a doctor.) 2. Do not use on lips or areas other than around the lips (herpes labialis can occur on or around the lips) 3. Do not continue to use for a long period of time. (Even if the symptoms improve with the use of this drug, if it takes more than 2 weeks to heal, it may be serious or other diseases.) Consultation points for use 1. The following people, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use (1) Those who are being treated by a doctor. (It may affect the medicine prescribed by your doctor or you may be using the same medicine as this drug.) (2) Pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant. (Be careful when using the drug and consult a specialist for instructions.) (3) Lactating people. (It has been confirmed that the same ingredients as this drug are transferred to milk when injected into animals.) (4) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs. (People who are allergic to drugs may also have this drug.) (5) People who are very wet or sore. (Severe cold labialis or other illnesses may occur and should be instructed by a specialist.) (6) People with atopic dermatitis. (It may become severe, so you need to consult a specialist and receive instructions.) 2. If any of the following symptoms appear after use, side effects may occur, so discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist with this document. Related parts: Symptoms Skin: Rash / redness, swelling, Itching, rash, irritation (It is considered to be an allergic symptom due to this drug or irritation of this drug. In such cases, continuous use may worsen the symptom.) 3.5 days If the symptoms do not improve after using

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