Sato Pharmaceutical Asbitan <Derma> 30 capsules

Sato Pharmaceutical Asbitan 30 capsules

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● Suitable for alleviating various skin and mucous membrane symptoms such as rough skin, acne, and mouth ulcer, and for supplementing vitamin B2 during physical fatigue, pregnancy / lactation, and weakness after illness. ● This product is a capsule containing vitamin B2 butyrate as a B vitamin, four types of vitamin B6, nicotinamide, and biotin, and ursodeoxycholic acid that promotes the absorption of vitamin B2. ● Vitamin B2 butyric acid ester is a fat-soluble vitamin B2 that is made by binding butyric acid to vitamin B2 and has a long duration in tissues. ● Vitamin B2 butyrate, vitamin B6, nicotinamide, and biotin, which are B vitamins, improve the metabolism of lipids, proteins, and sugars, promote the metabolism of skin and mucous membranes, and make healthy and smooth skin and mucous membranes. It has the function of maintaining. Check the drug description document with PDF

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity 2 capsules Riboflavin butyrate (vitamin B2 butyrate) ・ ・ ・ 20 mg (vitamin B2 is “skin / mucosal vitamin”, “lipid-degrading vitamin” Riboflavin butyrate is a vitamin B2 that has a long duration in tissues.) Pyridoxin hydrochloride (vitamin B6) ・ ・ ・ 50mg (lipids and lipids) Promotes protein metabolism and maintains skin and mucous membrane health.) Nicotinic acid amide ・ ・ ・ 60mg (promotes sugar metabolism.) Vitamin ・ ・ ・ 0.04mg (maintains normal lipid metabolism function. , Strengthens the function of skin tissue.) Ursodeoxycholic acid ・ ・ ・ 20mg (Promotes absorption of vitamin B2 and enhances the effect.) Additives: Lactose, CMC-Ca, cellulose, metabolism starch, yellow 5 No., Na lauryl sulfate, Na hydrogen sulfite, Gelatin [Notes on ingredients / quantity] The urine may turn yellow when taking this drug, but this is due to the riboflavin butyrate (vitamin B2 butyrate) contained in this drug. is.
Dosage and administration. Please take the following amount. Adults (15 years old and over): 1 capsule per dose, 2 doses per day (morning and evening) 7-14 years old: 1 capsule per dose, 1 dose per day under 7 years old ...・ Do not take [Notes on usage and dosage] (1) Please strictly observe the usage and dosage. (2) If you want to take it to children, please take it under the guidance and supervision of their parents. (3) How to take out the capsule As shown in the figure on the right, press the convex part of the PTP sheet containing the capsule strongly with your fingertip to break the aluminum foil on the back side, take it out and take it. (If swallowed as it is by mistake, it may lead to unexpected accidents such as sticking to the mucous membrane of the esophagus.) Agent type / shape Hard capsule

, Angular cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis, eczema, dermatitis, rash, soreness, red nose, red eye "However, if these symptoms do not improve after about a month of use, a doctor or pharmacist ● Supplementation of vitamin B2 in the following cases: During physical fatigue, during pregnancy / lactation, during illness and after illness 1. 1. If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking this medicine, you may have side effects. Stop taking this medicine immediately and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this explanation. Related parts: Symptoms Gastroenterology: Stomach discomfort, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, nausea / vomiting 2. After taking this medicine, the following symptoms may appear. If such symptoms persist or increase, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this explanation document. If diarrhea does not improve after taking it for about 1 month, stop taking it and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this explanation document. Precautions for storage and handling (1) ) Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. (2) Please keep out of reach of children. (3) Do not replace with another container (causes misuse or changes in quality.

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