Sea Bio Research Institute Live Enzyme Acai Smoothie

Sea Bio Research Institute Live Enzyme Acai Smoothie

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Easy and delicious smoothie in just 10 seconds Placenta x Polyphenol x Dietary fiber You can easily charge 222 kinds of vegetables and fruits without the need for a mixer. Beauty Support Placenta 25000mg Polyphenol-containing Grape Seed Extract Powder + Acai Powder 6000mg Dietary Fiber 82000mg 1 cup 17.8kcal Powder Type

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Water-soluble dietary fiber, glucose, dextrin, banana powder, acai powder, Grape juice powder, Ayamurasaki, fermented plant extract, plantago obata powder, placenta extract powder (derived from pigs), grape seed extract powder, thickener (thickening polysaccharide), citric acid, fragrance, sweetener (aspartame, L- Phenylalanine compound), cyclodextrin, vitamin B1 (some of the raw materials include kiwi fruit, peach, apple, yam, and soybean) [Fermented plant extract 1.] Young barley leaves, Komatsuna, celery, lemon, cabbage, spinach, broccoli , Strawberry, pumpkin, grape, Iyokan, Kiwi, Tomato, Blueberry, Mikan, Peach, Chingen greens, Karin, Parsley, Kikurage, Cucumber, Pear, Bitter gourd, Gobo, Daikon, Soybean, Brown rice, Moroheiya, Ginger, Maitake, Mitsuba, Myoga, sweet corn, eggplant, carrot, red wrinkle, akebi, asparagus, corn, horse, oyster, digerooligosaccharide, oyster, strawberry, kinkan, kumazasa, gummy, brown sugar, kale, cocoa, rice bran, konbu, shiitake, shiso , Sugina, Seri, Vitamin vegetables, Japanese mountain ginseng, Root comb, Peaman, Hijiki, Hibamata, Biwa leaf, Winter strawberry, Blackberry, Prune, Yama grape, Yamamomo, Yuzu, Yomogi, Apple, Reishi, Renkon, Wakame [Plant Fermented extract 2.] Moroheiya, parsley, cabbage, apple, pineapple, fig, shiitake, gobo, mikan, apricot, grapefruit, seaweed, grape, kinkan, western carrot, onion, red carrot, lemon, melon, capsicum, ginger, garlic , Moyashi, Kombu, Funori, Onion hull, Yomogi, Ukon, Sugina, Dokudami, Tochu leaf, Kuco nut, Kuco leaf, Pigeon barley, Amachazuru, Dandelion root, Tsuyu grass, Kumazasa, Otogirisou, Nanten leaf, Akamega wrinkle, hub leaf, biwa leaf, matatabi, amla fruit, Korean carrot, nut, ginkgo leaf, elephant kogi, salasia, agaricus, rice field seven carrot, enmei grass, amadokoro, oyster leaf, chamomile, kanzo, oyster root , Cat's Claw, Kidachi Aloe, Grape Leaf, Senshinren , Sekkotsuboku, perilla leaves, turna, shrimp grass seeds, toncat ants, carrots, safflowers, maca, pine leaves, megusuri trees, peach leaves, luo han guo, rooibos, lentils, mulberry leaves, wolfberry, litchi, karin [Fermented plant extract 3.] Yomogi, dokudami, kidachi aloe, autumn turmeric, ginseng, parsley, gobo, garlic, lychee, cabbage, sprouts, shiitake, morus alba, honeybee, younger brother cut grass, safflower, dandelion root, rensenso Monoleaf, Ebisugusa seed, Ginkgo leaf, Lychee, Nindou, Ichijiku leaf, Safflower, Ezokogi, Amachazuru, Hub tea, Luo Han Guo, Tochu leaf, Enmei grass, Bamboo leaf, Moroheiya, Niwatoko, Akamega wrinkle, Obako, Kuco leaves, kanzo, pine needles, nanten leaves, safflower, amadokoro, tsuyukusa, megusuri tree, tsuruna, yamaimo, perilla leaves, chamomile, karin, shiso leaves, citrus peel, ginger, amphis, mulberry Leaves, Kinkan, Onion skin, Seven carrots, Today's roots, Natsume, Saracia, Chili, Ichii fruit, Otane carrot, Rooibos, Amla fruit, Eight-square beans, Muirapuama, Ibonashitsuzurafuji, Gotu kola, Holy basil , Cat's claw, kelp, funori, tangerine, pineapple, apple, grape, ume, fig, grapefruit, melon, lemon, anzu, carrot, onion (sugar, lychee sugar, oligosaccharide, brown sugar, honey, starch decomposition product) * () Indicates "Other" Usage and dosage [How to drink] 6-12g a day (about 2-4 cups of attached spoon) as a guide, put in a shaker and water up to about 200cc

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