Shionogi Healthcare Touch Correct 2 100 Sheets

Shionogi Healthcare Touch Correct 2 100 Sheets

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● A denture stabilizer that gradually absorbs dentures in the mouth to increase its viscosity and stabilizes dentures in the gums due to its adhesive and sealing effects. ● By adhering the dentures and gums tightly, you can prevent the dentures from coming off and talk smoothly. ● A tape-shaped denture stabilizer that is convenient to carry and easy to operate. ● It has strong adhesive strength, so it is suitable for dentures on metal floors, but it can also be used on plastic floors. ● If you put it on once, you will have 2 to 3 meals. The duration will vary depending on individual differences such as denture condition, eating and drinking conditions, and fluid secretion. [Shape] Semi-transparent white to yellowish white rectangular sheet [Principle] Item specifications that maintain dentures and oral mucosa with adhesive strength: Adhesive strength 5 kPa or more, pH value 4-10 firmly fixed, also portable Convenient for both metal floors and plastic floors Additive-free, fragrance-free, non-colored tape-like (glue type) Can be used for partial dentures * * Cannot be used for bridges, dentures and some partial dentures

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Polyethylene glycol, carmelose sodium * Due to the nature of the product, some of the ingredients may dissolve in the mouth or disappear, but there is no problem even if the dissolved ingredients are swallowed. Usage and dosage [Usage] (1) Clean the dentures with a toothbrush and leave them wet. (2) Take this product out of the bag with dry hands and soak it in water for about 1 second as shown in Fig. 1 before using it. (3) Hold it from above with your fingers so that it touches the center of the gums. For full dentures, the standard dose is 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. (Fig. 2) To reduce the sticky feeling in the mouth, leave about 1 cm from the left and right edges of both the upper and lower teeth. (4) The amount used depends on the size of the denture and the degree of gap between the denture and the gum. At first, cut it into short pieces with scissors and attach a little. Please decide the amount that suits you according to your experience. (If you apply too much, it will stick out or flow out and your mouth will become sticky.) (5) After applying it, insert the dentures as it is and chew once strongly. This product extends and the gap is filled. (6) Do not forcibly remove the dentures when the dentures are stable with this product. (This product remains in the dentures and mouth.-Refer to the section on cleaning method.) (7) The drug may gradually dissolve and decrease due to the liquid, etc., and the dentures may become unstable. In that case, wash the dentures thoroughly and attach this product again according to the usage method. [Usable items] Can be used for dentures on metal floors and plastic floors. [Unusable items] This product cannot be used for bridges, dentures, and some removable partial dentures. ● Cleaning method Wipe off the dentures and this product left on your mouth with gauze or tissue paper, then brush with a toothbrush and wash with water.

Precautions for use Storage and handling precautions (1) Please keep out of reach of children. (2) Store the cap tightly closed in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


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