Shiseido Ihada acne cure cream 16g

Shiseido Ihada acne cure cream 16g

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The cream has 2 main ingredients Ibuprofen Ikonol which soothes acne inflammation and isopropylmethylphenols which eliminates acne bacteria
Feature 1
Non-steroid, weakly acidic,
, mild stimulation design
A non-steroidal, mildly acidic, non-alcoholic, skin-friendly base prescription.
Feature 2

refreshing feel that is perfect for adult acne

Gel-cream, which becomes transparent immediately after application, spreads smoothly and has a nice texture. By minimizing the oil content, it gives a refreshing feeling and can't be used with the makeupA refreshing green tea scent with medicinal properties.
Feature 3

 a narrow tube that makes it easy to squeeze an appropriate amount

How to use

After washing your face with soap several times a day, apply an appropriate amount on the affected area.

Step 1

clean the affected area by washing your face.

Step 2

Pick an appropriate amount.

Step 3

Apply to the areas of concern

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