Silver Vine, Sprinkle Type

Silver Vine, Sprinkle Type


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Do not give to kittens younger than 2 months.Made with 100% natural silver vine (matatabi)! An easy to use sprinkle type! Add to food, a scratching post, toy etc., to get the interest of your cat.
• Contents: 3.5g
• Ingredients/Materials: silver vine
• Size: 11cm x 2.5cm x 7cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 15
• Country of Manufacture: Japan
• Manufacturer Name: COMET
• Handling Precautions: [Instructions] Use approx. 1-3 times a day, approx. 10 sprinkles a time Mix into dry food, canned food etc., or sprinkle on a scratching post or toy. This item is for cats. Do not give to anything other than a cat. Store out of reach of young children so that it is not accidentally ingested. Kittens, female cats and quiet cats may not show interest.

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