Slim Mouth Piece, Strong

Slim Mouth Piece, Strong


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A training device for the purpose of working out the mouth area, cheek muscles and facial muscles to create a slender face.
• Ingredients/Materials: [Body] soft polyethylene, [Spring] stainless steel
• Contents: 1
• Size: 8.5cm x 2.2cm x 8.5cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 15
• Country of Origin/Manufacture: Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Noble
• Instructions: Insert between lips so that the larger sides of the mouthpiece's U-shaped tips on both ends are inside your mouth and the smaller sides are outside your mouth. It should feel like you are saying the letter "e". Slowly contract horizontally without touching your teeth. It should feel like you are saying the letter "u". At this time, consciously focus on the muscles on both sides of your mouth, and not your lip area, and gently return to its original position by moving these muscles. Repeat this movement. Do this for approx. 3 minutes a day. In order to preserve cleanliness, rinse with water before & after use, and then dry well. Do not use on any areas other than your mouth. Store out of reach of children. Those with braces, those with a wound on their lips and those with allergies should consult a doctor before using. Should you feel any pain or discomfort during use, discontinue usage.

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