Sofy Soft Tampons, Super, 9

Sofy Soft Tampons, Super, 9


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As this provides absorption power up to 8 hours, you can forget about your period and have fun! Do not use for longer than 8 hours.
• Contents: 9
• Ingredients/Materials: [Absorber] rayon, polyester [Cord] cotton, polyester, [Applicator] polyethylene
• Item Size: 140 x 88 x 40
• Weight (item only)[G]: 81
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Unicharm
• Handling Precautions: 1) Do not reuse. 2) If you have had TSS in the past, do not use. 3) If you have odorous discharge, do not use. 4) Do not cut the tampon cord and use. (You may not be able to remove it.) 5) Do not insert 2 tampons at the same time. (You may not be able to remove them.)

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