Stomach Shaper, Men'S M Size

Stomach Shaper, Men'S M Size


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A supporter with a waist shaper that gives you a slender stomach by simply wearing it. Just put this on to shape up your tummy area! With thin, light powernet fabric! With a smooth feel against the skin. Can be washed by hand. Size: (approx.) Width 34 x Length 30cm, Waist (approx.) 71-87cm
• Contents: 1
• Ingredients/Materials: nylon, spandex
• Size: 25.5cm x 2.5cm x 8cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 75g
• Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
• Manufacturer Name: La-VIE
• Handling Precautions: This item is for those who are healthy. Those with chronic diseases or who are concerned about their health should consult a doctor before use. Do not use if you have allergies, or easily get rough skin or eczema. Those with sensitive skin: If this rubs directly against the skin, it may cause a skin disorder. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear it over an undergarment etc. There is no usage time limitation. However, if you wear this for a long time, blood circulation disorders caused by pressure and skin disorders due to dampness, rubbing, etc. may occur. Should you experience even the slightest abnormality in/on your body, do not take any risks and discontinue use. Should you not recover, consult a doctor. Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not use while you are sleeping. Be careful not to snag on nails, accessories etc. This may damage the fabric. Due to characteristics of the dye, color may bleed or transfer due to sweat, friction etc. If left wet with sweat etc., it may cause mold. Therefore, after using, be sure to dry in a well ventilated place. Do not leave outside or in direct sunlight. This may speed up deterioration such as discoloration. Do not use or store near fire. There is a risk that it may ignite. Store out of reach of children. Please kindly understand that we assume no responsibility for any accidents or injuries caused by not following the above precautions.

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