Stricks Design Hot Sand Maker Hot Sand Made with Oven Toaster

Stricks Design Hot Sand Maker Hot Sand Made with Oven Toaster

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Feature 1: You can easily make "crispy and fluffy" hot sandwiches with an oven toaster or grilled fish. Feature 2: Height can be adjusted in 2 steps! You can enjoy hot sandwiches with a wavy surface and plenty of ingredients. Feature 3: Easy to clean as it can be disassembled and washed. The lightweight mesh material is also convenient for storage and carrying. Body size: Approximately 19.7 cm wide x 15.3 cm long x 3.1 cm high Material / Material: Stainless steel Country of origin: China Note: It is recommended to apply butter etc. before use.
Pattern (type): Hot sandwich maker ・ A hot sandwich maker that makes it easy to make hot sandwiches with a "crispy and fluffy" texture using an oven toaster or grilled fish.・ You can make hot sandwiches using panini bread and bread rolls (dinner rolls) as well as bread.・ The place where the bread is sandwiched is compatible with bread size. -The thickness of the hot sandwich can be adjusted in 2 steps.・ You can cook even thick bread. (Thickness / 1st stage: Approximately 20mm, 2nd stage: Approximately 27mm) ・ The wavy embossing of the toast on both sides of the hot sandwich that is created when sandwiched makes the texture enjoyable. -A steam-compatible oven toaster will give you a "fluffy" finish. -A product that has a compact shape, can be disassembled, is easy to wash, and is easy to store. [How to use] ① Apply Lightly apply salad oil or butter to the inside of the main body. ② Set his bread and ingredients in the utensil. ③ Lock thickness can be adjusted in 2 steps. Secure with two clips on the side. ④ Bake Put it in an oven toaster or grilled fish and heat it. (In the case of an oven toaster, it takes about 5 minutes at 1000W) ⑤ Completion It is completed when it is browned and baked firmly. [Tips for baking well] -Oven toasters and grills should be preheated for 1 to 2 minutes before baking for a beautiful finish.・ Bread can be finished beautifully by using 6 to 8 slices. [Precautions for use] -Since the main body becomes hot during and immediately after cooking, use a pot or mittens and be careful not to get burned. -This product is a hot sandwich maker that can be cooked on an oven toaster or a grill on a gas stove. * Cannot be used with gas stove burners, microwave ovens, and IH cooking heaters.・ If you use bread or ingredients with a lot of water, the heat may be insufficient and the bread may stick to the main body.・ After use, apply a neutral detergent to the sponge and wash it thoroughly.・ Do not wash or dry in a dishwasher or dish dryer.

Manufacturer: STRIX DESIGN
Model: SA-136
Packing size: 21.1 x 18.4 x 3 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Stainless
Size: Approximately 19.7 x 15.3 x 3.1 cm
Other functions: Mesh type
Brand affiliation: Japan
Packing weight: 0.26 kg
Battery use: No
> Care: Hand wash
Brand name: STRIX DESIGN
Product weight: 0.24 kg
JAN: 4562100011363

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