Sunstar Do Clear Children'S Toothpaste, Grape Flavor, 70G

Sunstar Do Clear Children'S Toothpaste, Grape Flavor, 70G


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Fluorine promotes remineralization of teeth, strengthening and preventing tooth decay! Contains fluorine and reduced palatinose (auxiliary agent). Efficacy: prevents tooth decay, cleans the inside of your mouth Grape flavor
• Contents: 70g
• Ingredients/Materials: [Base] liquid sorbitol, [Washing Agent] silicon dioxide, [auxiliary agent] reduced palatinose, [Binding Agent] silicon dioxide, CMC/Na, [Foaming Agent] alkylglycoside, [flavoring agent] fragrance (Grape Type), sodium saccharin, [Stabilizer] titanic oxide, [Preservative] paraben, [Medicinal Ingredients] sodium fluoride (fluorine), [PH adjuster] disodium phosphate, sodium phosphate
• Size (cm): 13 x 5 x 3
• Weight (item only) [G]: 79
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Sunstar
• Handling Precautions: Should you observe eczema, itchiness etc., discontinue use and consult a doctor. Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse well without rubbing. After brushing your teeth, rinse brush well with water down to the roots.

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