Sunstar Gum/Electric Toothbrush Ts-45 [Standard Type]

Sunstar Gum/Electric Toothbrush Ts-45 [Standard Type]

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"GUM Electric Toothbrush Standard Type TS-45" is an electric toothbrush that supports the scrub method recommended by dentists. A thin head that is easy to operate in the rear teeth.

●High speed reversal type toothbrush uses web flocking
Web flocking more effectively removes periodontal plaque between the hard-to-reach teeth and between the teeth and the border of teeth. The toothbrush has a slim neck and thin head that reaches the back teeth, which are difficult to polish.

● Scrub type toothbrush uses tapered processing
The tapered process makes it easier for the tips to reach the boundary between the tooth and the toothpaste, and more effectively removes the periodontal plaque. You can also use the scrub method recommended by the dentist.
The scrub method is a method of polishing by applying a toothbrush to the tooth surface at 90 degrees and moving it finely back and forth.

How to use
● How to insert batteries
(1) Remove the battery cover of the main unit by turning it counterclockwise.
(2) For AA alkaline batteries, insert the negative side according to the direction of the body.
(3) Turn the battery cover clockwise to securely close it.

● For normal use of AA alkaline batteries for 2 minutes each, it can be used about 60 times. (When used at room temperature (about 20 degrees))
(Note) The number of times of use is a guide. It depends on the brand of the dry cell used and the brushing pressure when used.
● The included batteries are included at the time of manufacture and shipment, so their life may be shortened.
● If the toothbrush moves slowly, replace the batteries as soon as possible.

● How to use toothbrush
(1) Put an appropriate amount of "Toothpaste" on the toothbrush, put it in your mouth, and then turn on the switch. Please use the toothbrush gently on your teeth.
(2) At the end, turn off the switch and take out the toothbrush from your mouth.
(3) After using the toothbrush, wash the toothpaste well with water or lukewarm water, and then wash the inside of the high-speed reversing brush by running water from the washing port on the back of the shaft cover. After washing, drain well and place in a well-ventilated place.

● How to care
・If the toothbrush part does not come off, soak the switch in water or lukewarm water below 40 degrees for a while.
* Please do not soak the whole body in water.
・If the toothbrush becomes stuck in the "toothpaste" and does not move, remove the toothbrush from the main unit, soak it in water or lukewarm water for a while, then set it again and move it.
・ Regularly (once a month), remove dirt such as "toothpaste" that has accumulated inside the shaft cover, and then wash off with water or lukewarm water. After that, be sure to wipe off water.
・ Regularly open the battery cover and inspect. If there are stains on the batteries or around the fitting part, wipe them off with a dry cloth.

● Be sure to use AA alkaline batteries. Manganese dry batteries do not exhibit their full performance.
● When using a high performance dry battery or rechargeable battery other than alkaline dry battery, follow the instructions for that battery. Also, due to the characteristics that are different from alkaline batteries, the contents may differ from those described in this manual.
● If the battery cover is not completely closed, water may get inside and cause a malfunction.
● When replacing the dry battery, use a dry hand to wipe off the moisture on the main unit, and be careful not to allow water droplets to adhere to the dry battery.
● When replacing the batteries, be sure to replace them with new AA alkaline batteries.
● If you turn on the switch before putting it in your mouth, the "toothpaste" may be scattered.
● Make sure that the plastic part of the toothbrush does not touch the teeth or the toothpaste.
● Do not apply the toothbrush strongly to your teeth or postcard. Applying too much force may cause the toothbrush to stop moving, the batteries and toothbrush to wear out faster, and cause irritation of the postcard.
● If you feel bleeding or bleeding, consult a dentist before use.
● If you take out a moving toothbrush from your mouth, the “toothpaste” may be scattered.
● When storing in an unstable place, lay the body sideways.
● Toothbrush is a consumable item. Replace it if the tips of the hair spread or if it becomes wobbled due to wear.
●Do not use hot water of over 80 degrees, chlorine-based disinfectant, bleach or essential oil for cleaning because the toothbrush may discolor or deform.
● Do not use thinner, benzine, alcohol or other solvents.
● If water gets inside the main unit, it may cause a malfunction.
● Do not wash the main unit by soaking it in water.
● Do not wash or rub the waterproof rubber of the main unit and wash it with water. Also, do not pull or damage it. Water may get inside the main unit and cause a malfunction.

Please note
● If you are currently undergoing dental treatment, have a tooth or toothpaste illness, use dentures, or are prone to bleeding from your toothpaste with an electric toothbrush, please consult your dentist.
● If you feel unwell during use, discontinue use.
● Do not use the main body in a place with a lot of water such as a bathroom. Also, do not soak the body in water.
● Do not drop the body or subject it to any shock.
● Do not disassemble the main body or touch the inside.
● Do not expose the main unit to direct sunlight, place it near fire, or expose it to boiling water.
● Do not let go of the toothbrush with your mouth. The toothbrush part may come off.
● Do not forcefully stop the moving toothbrush. It may cause a failure or injury.
● If children or people with physical disabilities are used, be sure to take care of others around them so that they will not use it incorrectly.
● Do not use toothpaste (for removing tars, etc.) that contains a lot of cleaning agent (abrasive). It may damage your teeth and postcards.
● When not using the product for a long time, remove the batteries and store them.
● Do not use or store the product in any manner other than the "Usage" or "Cleaning" described.

Product Specifications
Power supply: DC 1.5V (using 1 AA alkaline battery)
External dimensions: Body (when #477 is attached) Thickness 29 * Height 239 mm
Weight: Main body 87g (when #477 is attached, batteries are not included)
Inversion angle: Toothbrush (#477) for high-speed inversion type approx. 70 degrees
Amplitude: Scrub type dedicated toothbrush (#377) approx. 3 mm
Amplitude: Approx. 2500 times/min (no load)
Accessories: Toothbrush (#477) for high-speed reversing type, Toothbrush (#377) for scrubbing type... 1 each

● Toothbrush for high speed reversing type (#477)
Handle Material: Polyacetal
Hair Material: Saturated polyester resin, nylon
Hair hardness: Normal
Heat resistant temperature: 80 degrees

●Scrubbing type toothbrush (#377)
Handle Material: Polyacetal
Hair Material: Saturated polyester resin, nylon
Hair hardness: Soft
Heat resistant temperature: 80 degrees


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