Sunstar GUM Well Plus Dental Brush 226 3-row Compact Usually

Sunstar GUM Well Plus Dental Brush 226 3-row Compact Usually

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● A brush with elastic hair that reaches deep into the habitat of periodontal disease bacteria with a light power. ● The ultra-fine hair tips reach deep into the habitat of the periodontal disease bacteria at the boundary between the teeth and the hug, and are entangled with the rough hair tips. ● 3-row compact head. ● Usually. ● Recommended for those who are starting to worry about the condition of their teeth and who tend to get food clogged between their teeth. ● Firmly entangle periodontal plaques with rough hair tips. ● Extra-fine hair tips enter narrow gaps and scrape out periodontal plaques. ● Straight handle + long neck design that can be easily reached even on the back teeth, which are often left unpolished, without applying extra force. ● It is a multi-faceted handle that can be naturally held by a dentist.

Precautions for use ● After brushing your teeth, wash thoroughly to the root of the hair, drain it well, and store it in a well-ventilated place. ● Do not use chlorine-based bactericides, bleaching agents, boiling water, or essential oils as they may cause discoloration or deformation. ● Let's polish it in small steps with a light force. Excessive force can also damage the hug.

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