Tamahashi Jeanne Ecole Detachable handle pot 3-piece set JE-122 Blue

Tamahashi Jeanne Ecole Detachable handle pot 3-piece set JE-122 Blue

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Induction cooker: Yes, * 100V / 200V, 20cm Pot: Full capacity 2800mL, [Pot / Deep pan / Frying pan] Bottom thickness: 2.5mm [Detachable handle] Pot holder / slide button: Heat-resistant temperature 220 degrees, Hook: Heat-resistant temperature 180 degrees, Body: Heat-resistant temperature 180 degrees Country of origin: China Material: [Pot / Deep pan / Fry pan], Surface processing / Inner surface: Fluorine resin processing, Outer surface: Heat-resistant baking finish, Body: Aluminum alloy, Sticking bottom: Stainless steel (18% chrome), [Detachable handle], Material type / Pot holder / slide button part: Silicone rubber, Hook part: 66 nylon, Body: Phenolic resin, Metal part: Stainless steel, [Glass lid], Reinforced glass, Material type / Metal part: Stainless steel, Picking part: Phenolic resin, rubber part: Silicone rubber
Pattern (type): 3-piece set Detachable handle for neat storage in the kitchen space The glass lid is a size that can be used as both a deep pan and a pot, and can be used even with the handle attached. From ● Jeanne Ecole frying pan, pot, and stir-fry pot with removable handles ● 26 cm frying pan for daily meals, 20 cm pot convenient for making miso soup and simmered dishes, 20 cm stir-fry pot for stir-fry Can be used properly ● Detachable handle allows stacking and neat storage ● Detachable handle allows oven cooking, and freshly prepared dishes can be arranged on the table as they are ● With lid

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