Techno Trade Mediromora Pink 1 piece

Techno Trade Mediromora Pink 1 piece

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It is a self-care roller with a new concept that the tire rolls while pushing the stiffness at the point. A roller that rotates smoothly stimulates stiffness in the shoulders and hips, enabling full-body treatment.

Usage and dosage [How to use] (1) Loosen muscle stiffness with a point push. Use a tire to loosen muscle stiffness. (2) For muscle fatigue, loosen the fascia while slowly rolling along the muscle line of the tire. [Caution regarding usage and dosage] (1) Please adjust the force so as not to hurt your muscles. (2) Do not put your finger on the tire when using it. (3) Do not put your weight on it.

Precautions for use ・ The following people, please consult your doctor before use. (1) Those who are treated by a doctor for illness or injury. (2) Those with heart disease, acute illness, or joint disorders.・ Should you experience any abnormalities during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.・ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.・ When using this product on the neck or shoulders, prepare for long hair so that the hair does not get entangled with the tires.・ This product irritates the skin. Please be careful not to use it continuously in the same place or to overload it.・ For safety, do not use damaged or deformed products.・ Avoid leaving in a hot and humid place. -This product is not waterproof, so do not get it wet.・ Do not use for small children or those who cannot express their intentions.

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