Naishitoru Za 420 tablets x 2

Naishitoru Za 420 tablets x 2

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Internal volume: 420 tablets × 2

This herbal extract is for people who have too much fat on their body, so-called obesity, especially in the belly.
Suitable for those who are prone to constipation.
◯ 5000mg of active ingredient (Bofutsushosan extract) promotes decomposition and burning of belly fat.
◯ It is effective in improving obesity due to lifestyle habits, swelling and constipation associated with high blood pressure and obesity.

●Efficacy and effect
The following symptoms in those who are physically fit, have a lot of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, and are prone to constipation:
Palpitations, stiff shoulders, hot flashes, swelling, constipation associated with obesity, high blood pressure and obesity,
empyema (sinusitis), eczema/dermatitis, pimples

● Usage and dosage
Please take the following amount with water or hot water before or between meals.

Age/single dose/number of doses
Adult (15 years old and over) / 5 tablets / 3 times a day
Under 15 years old / × Do not take

<Precautions related to usage and dosage>
(1) Strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage
(2) Since it easily absorbs moisture, be sure to close the cap tightly each time you take it.
●Between meals means "between meals", and is about 2 to 3 hours after meals.

● Ingredients/quantity
In the daily dose (15 tablets)
Bofutsushosan Extract・・・5.0g
Angelica ... 1.2g Peony ... 1.2g
Cnidium ・・・ 1.2g Sanshishi ・・・ 1.2g
Forsythia・・・1.2g Peppermint・・・1.2g
Ginger...1.2g Keigai...1.2g
Bow fowl 1.2g Ephedra 1.2g
Rhubarb...1.5g Anhydrous Rhubarb...1.5g
Byakujutsu 2.0g Platycodon 2.0g
Scutellaria root...2.0g Glycyrrhiza...2.0g
Extracted from gypsum: 2.0g Casseki: 3.0g

Additives include silicic anhydride, Al silicate, CMC-Ca, Mg stearate,
Contains corn starch

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