Vape Mosquito repellent 120 days

Vape Mosquito repellent 120 days

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● It has an effect of 120 days when used for 8 hours a day.
● It can be used not only indoors but also outdoors.
● Since it does not require a power outlet, it can be used near the entrance or on shelves that are out of the reach of children.
● Because neither fire nor heat is used, it is safe. It is fragrance-free and has no unpleasant odor or smoke.
● To use, just set the cartridge in the device. It is a battery/medicine integrated type and can be used immediately after purchase.

How to use: When the switch is pressed, the lamp turns on. Press it again to turn it off.

Active ingredient: Metofluthrin (Pyrethroid): 220mg / piece
Other ingredients: Dibutylhydroxytoluene, colorant, granular pulp, other 1 ingredient

Set contents: Instrument * 1, drug cartridge * 1 (4 batteries built-in)
Sales name: Humakiller insecticide N4A

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