Vita Craft Super Pressure Pot Vertex (with extra cover) 22.8cm 4.5L

Vita Craft Super Pressure Pot Vertex (with extra cover) 22.8cm 4.5L

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Manufacturer model number: 614 Size: Inner diameter / 22.8 x Depth 11 cm Body weight: Approximately 2.6 kg Material / Material: Stainless Aluminum Fanol Resin Country of origin: Vietnam
Inner diameter 22.8 cm, depth 11.0 cm From ● Because it is cooked at high temperature by applying pressure, it can be cooked in a shorter time than usual, and it is an energy-saving and eco-friendly pressure cooker that saves utility bills. [Safety cover]. When steam comes out of the center valve and safety valve, it prevents the steam from rising straight up and lets it escape along the line of the lid. Detachable and easy to clean. Be sure to set it on the lid during cooking. ● [Center valve]. A device that displays and adjusts the pressure status inside the pot. The two red lines on the pressure indicator pins (level 1 and level 2 from the top) indicate the pressure status. By pushing the valve cap, the steam inside can be discharged and the pressure can be reduced. In addition, the center valve automatically discharges steam when the pressure inside the pan exceeds a certain level. ● [Safety lock system]. When the lid is not completely closed, the safety lock slider pushes the rubber packing and steam leaks and cannot be pressurized. In addition, if pressure remains inside the pot, the safety lock pin works to prevent the lid from opening. ● [Safety valve]. In the unlikely event that the center valve becomes clogged or the pressure becomes too high, this safety valve automatically discharges steam (pressure) ● [Side slit]. As a safety device when both the center valve and the safety valve stop working, the rubber packing inside the lid is pushed out from here, and the steam (pressure) inside the pot is forcibly discharged from the edge of the lid. Durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, aluminum alloy with good heat conductivity, and aluminum with a five-layer structure. The heat is transferred from the bottom very quickly, and you can cook efficiently. It can be used for all heat sources such as IH cooking heaters and halogen heaters as well as gas. ● It is lighter than the bottom multi-layer type and has improved operability. ● An extra cover that expands the range of dishes is included. It can be used as a multi-layer pot by changing the lid. Of course, it is also convenient for reheating after pressure cooking. ● The recipe in the attached instruction manual is produced by the teachers of the Tsuji Gakuen Group. ● 10-year long-term warranty. If a malfunction occurs during normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge (however, accessories are not covered). Repair or replacement at actual cost for incorrect use or failure after the warranty period has expired. Also, replaceable parts can be replaced for a fee.

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