Wave Handy Wiper (Main Item + 1 Sheet)

Wave Handy Wiper (Main Item + 1 Sheet)


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Handy Wiper allows you to easily clean difficult uneven places and gaps. Fibers properly pick up & keep hold of dust, dirt and hairs without leaving anything behind! As well as flat, curved and uneven surfaces, this also fits nicely into fine gaps.
• Contents: Main Item + 1
• Ingredients/Materials: [Holder] (grip, head) polyester, polypropylene, [Sheet] polyolefin, polyester, [Anti-bacterial solution main ingredient] liquid paraffin, [anti-bacterial agent] organic type anti-bacterial agent
• Item Size: 23.5 x 5.5 x 10.5
• Weight (item only) [G]: 52.7
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Unicharm
• Handling Precautions: Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. Should the item you purchase specify care instructions, please follow these. The sheet does not absorb water, so do not use in wet places. If you wipe with a sheet that has sand grains or hard waste attached to it, it may scratch you tv or computer screen, furniture etc. Do not forcibly insert into gaps it doesn't fit into. This will cause the sheet to come off. Do not leave on plain wood or lacquered furniture for a long time. Do not use on a car. Sand etc. attached to the car may cause scratches. Do not use on fluffed, uneven or rough surfaces such as carpets, tatami mats and screen doors. This can cause the sheet fibers to fall out. On items that become hot, such as light bulbs, please turn them off and allow to cool before using. Store out of reach of children. Do not leave in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures. This may cause discoloration. When disposing of a sheet after using, do so in accordance with your municipality's regulations.

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