Yamamoto Hanpo medicine 36 guava teas

Yamamoto Hanpo medicine 36 guava teas

Yamamoto Hanpo

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○ This product is a delicious and flavorful Sijuum guava tea that is a blend of 10 kinds of ingredients based on guava leaves. ○ Please enjoy with your family.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Sijuum Guava Tea, Hatomugi, Habu Tea, Oolong Tea, Brown Rice, Soybean (not genetically modified), Pu'er Tea, Mulberry Leaf, Banaba Leaf, Dokudami Usage and Dosage ○ In the case of boiling, put 1 bag in water or about 500 to 700cc of boiling water, simmer for about 5 minutes or more after boiling, and drink. Leaving the bag in it will make it even more delicious, but if you feel it is dark, remove the bag. ○ In the case of ice cream After boiling as described above, boil it in hot water, replace it with an empty large PET bottle or water pot, and store it in the refrigerator. When cooled, umami ingredients (amino acids, etc.) may be visible on the bottom of the container, but please use with confidence. ○ In case of cold water soup Put 1 bag in a water pot, pour about 300-500cc of water, store in the refrigerator, and after about 15-30 minutes, it will become cold water guava tea. ○ Easy and delicious way to drink Put 1 bag in the cup you are using, add the amount of hot water you want to drink, slowly for those who like thicker, and handbag for those who like thinner Please pour hot water into a teacup. Dosage form / shape Tea leaves (leaf)

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