Yamazen HPSC-55(BKBK) Elevating Chair (Compatible with Standing Desks), Gas Pressure Lifting Type, Round Ground Construction (Easy to Sit in Standing Position), Office Chair, Computer Chair, Easy Assembly, Black, Work from Home

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Body size: Width 42 x Depth 38.5 x Height 57-72 cm (compatible with lifting type standing desk) Weight: 4.5 kg Lifting method: Gas pressure lifting type (easy lifting) Customer assembly (easy assembly) Quality: Domestic Passed tests based on JIS standards at a third-party institution

Yamazen's "Elevating Pole Chair" The seat height can be adjusted from 57 to 72 cm, so you can sit or stand However, it can be used * Desk work is not just "sitting" or "standing", but "sitting and standing" is recommended for health and concentration purposes. Please note that this is not for a wide desk (height approx. 70 cm). ●Since the grounding part has a round structure, it is easy to sit while standing. Easy height adjustment with a lever on the back of the seat (gas pressure lifting type) ●Can be used in combination with a lifting type standing desk ●For office use ●For telecommuting ●Customer assembly (easy assembly) ●Domestic third party Passed tests based on JIS standards at institutions

Size: 5) Genuine standing chair
Manufacturer: YAMAZEN Material: Polypropylene, polyester, urethane Foam
Assemblable: Yes
Product size: 38.5 x 42 x 72 cm; 4.5 kg
Package weight: 6.24 kg
Batteries: No ) : Adults
Accessories : None
Product weight : 4.5 kg

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