Yamazen LTH-2B (IV) Hanger Rack, Clothes Storage, Trolley Hanger, Width 24.2 x Depth 16.9 x Height 53.9 - 74.0 inches (61.5 x 43 x 137 - 189 cm), 1 Tier, Basket, 2 Tiers, Casters with Stoppers, Assembly, Ivory

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Customer assembled product Body size: Width 62 x Depth 43 x Height 137-189 cm Material: Frame/Basket = Steel (epoxy resin coating), Caster = Polypropylene, Taber sleeve = ABS resin Country of origin: China Each inner dimension: Upper hanger bar = width 43.5 cm, basket = width 53 x depth 29.5 x depth 8 cm

● Basket-type wagon with casters that can be thrown from above ● 1 hanger bar and 2-step basket specifications ● Main unit has 3 levels of support parts on both sides You can choose from a wide range of installations ●From a height where a long coat can be hung to a height that is easy for children to use ●The basket can be installed at a height of 2.5 cm to match the items ●The bottom of the basket can be used for hats and bags Highly breathable mesh design suitable for storage ●Easy assembly, steel rack type body structure ●Sturdy, stable construction ●Equipped with heavy weight casters to easily move even heavy objects on top ●Matte and rough surface A matte finish ● Hanger with a convenient deep basket ● The basket is convenient for storing small items such as hats and scarves ● The upper part has a stopper to prevent it from coming off

Manufacturer: Yamazen ( YAMAZEN) Product model number: LTH-2B(IV) Product size: 43 x 61.5 x 189 cm; 6.5 kg

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