Cure Cure Bathtime 20G

Cure Cure Bathtime 20G

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Bath time is made of rock salt from the Himalayas. 300 million years ago, the Himalayas were the sea. Even now, the sea of 300 million years ago remains as a mineral. All of them were mined by hand from the Himalayas at an altitude of 4500m, and were carried by yaks (bovids). By taking a bath in which 13 kinds of minerals are fully dissolved, you can feel the sweat and the bath is refreshing. Please enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time. * The amount of sweating varies from person to person.

Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Mineral salt Usage and dosage [How to use] ● Put all the package (20g) of this product in the bathtub (about 200L) at home and stir well to dissolve. ● You can use it in a bath with additional cooking and heat retention functions, but be sure to drain it. ● There may be fossils of seaweed from 300 million years ago, but there is no problem with the quality.

Precautions for use ・ Do not use in enamel and natural marble bathtubs.・ If this product is placed in a bathtub and left unstirred, mineral components may adhere to the bathtub and cause coloring. If it does, you can remove it with a bath cleaner.・ Precious metals may discolor, so be sure to remove them before bathing.・ Store out of reach of children, avoiding high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.・ If you have any abnormalities on your skin or constitution, consult a doctor in advance. Since this product is 100% natural rock salt, it is harmless to the human body, but we are not responsible for any accidents or troubles related to use other than bathing.

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