Eyebrow Holder

Eyebrow Holder

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A holder for Maquillage pencil-type eyebrow cartridges. This holder that allows you to set items at both ends can also be customized to your liking.
• Tools are not included. [Items compatible with the top of the holder]
• Lasting Foggy Brow
• Double Brow Creator (Pencil)
• Soft Brow Liner [Items compatible with the bottom of the holder]
• Eyebrow Brush
• Double Brow Creator Tip
• Double Brow Creator (Powder)

• Set Double Brow Creator Tip into holder first and then set Double Brow Creator (Powder).
• Contents: 1
• Size: Width 22mm x Height 79mm x Depth 15mm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 6
• Made in Vietnam
• Manufacturer Name: Shiseido
• Brand Name: Maquillage
• Instructions:
• Set a separately sold cartridge inside and then use.
• How to set: Please read the instructions written on each cartridge.
• Remove the included cap and you can also set it on other separately sold tools.
• The included cap can also be removed and placed on the opposite side.
• When a cartridge etc. is only set on one side, use with the included holder cap attached on the unused side.

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