FANCL Green Juice with Vegetables, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium Removal, Pack of 30

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  • (120 Gummets of 3 Bacteria for Daily Cleanliness): It consumes 12 billion of 3 bacteria at once, including Bifidobacteria, vegetable lactic acid bacteria derived from rice that is familiar with Japanese people, and spores lactic acid bacteria that live to the intestine. You can also take green and yellow vegetables that lack a day. Uji matcha is included for a clean and easy drink. Green juice that is easy to keep and easy to drink. Fankel's green juice is not made of any chemical pesticides, and is 100% domestic kale grown by the mineral agricultural laws in contract farmers in Ehime, Nagano and Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Main Ingredients per 3.5 g per piece: Bifidobacteria: 2.0 billion pcs. Spore-based lactic acid bacteria: 10 billion pcs. Vegetable lactic acid bacteria: 10 billion pieces. Energy: 11 kcal per 1 kcal. No coloring, salt, preservatives, fragrances
  • Allergens (within 28 items): Milk
  • Note: Please do not take this product when taking walfarin (blood congealing inhibitor)

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