Feather Safety Razor Piany Sensitive Skin For Eyebrows 3 Pieces

Feather Safety Razor Piany Sensitive Skin For Eyebrows 3 Pieces

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Feel the soft shaving comfort with the sensitive guard that smoothes the skin by removing the corners of the guard. The easy-to-use ultra-slim head does not obstruct your view even when shaving small parts. A newly designed razor for eyebrows with a guard that is gentle on sensitive skin.・ Provides skin-friendly face shaving for sensitive and dry skin. 1. 1. The corners of the sensitive guard guards have been reduced, the distance between the conventional guards has been halved, and the load on the skin has been minimized *. The newly designed guard has achieved a surprising touch on the skin. "Guard smooth finish" is a surprising touch to the skin! Minimize the load on your skin by halving the guard spacing! * Comparison with conventional feather razors for faces 2. Handle grip The uneven handle design realizes a grip that does not slip even with wet hands. 3. 3. By processing the blade part of the head part into a concave shape, the operation on the skin becomes smooth. 4. By narrowing the head width, the visibility of the shaving part has been improved. * 4.5mm reduction (compared to Piany eyebrows) 5.3 color handle color The handle is translucent and comes in 3 colors containing glitter. It's not just cute, it's an elegant color tone. It is a hand-painted touch design.

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