GOKUMIN Memory Foam Mattress, Memory Foam Pillow, 3-Piece Set, New Life, Black

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  • [Affordable 3-piece set that can be used immediately] Perfect for your new life! (1) Super comfortable “Premium Memory Foam Mattress” (2) You can choose the height with double-sided specifications! We have prepared a great value 3-piece set of the "premium memory foam pillow" that fits perfectly, and the "reversible mattress pad" that can be used on both sides, including the cool contact surface. Mattresses and pillows are covered with luxury lame covers. Made with carefully selected specifications such as "two-layer cover structure" and "antibacterial and deodorizing" processing. GOKUMIN's popular black color 3-piece set! Recommended for those who want to coordinate without worrying about coordinating.
    [Proprietary developed premium memory foam mattress] Adopts a uniquely developed "gel memory foam" that is different from general mattresses in urethane. It transforms freely according to the unevenness of the body and fits gently. Excellent body pressure dispersion reduces the burden on the body and maintains a natural sleeping posture. Blended with "special gel particles", it is resistant to temperature changes and does not get stuffy, so you can sleep comfortably all year round. "Perforated processing" and "bamboo charcoal blend" ensure breathability while demonstrating excellent "deodorant, humidity control, and antibacterial properties". The non-slip cover that is easy to put on and take off with an L-shaped zipper is machine washable. GOKUMIN has been a popular memory foam mattress for many years.
    [Lightweight and easy to move! Free to Use: The premium memory foam mattress is perfect for layering over your existing mattress or futon to improve your sleeping comfort. Since it does not feel like it is attached to the bottom, it can be used as a mattress by laying it directly on the floor. It is lightweight and easy to move, so it is easy to move to high places such as on the loft. Perfect for guests, family, sleeping in the car or traveling. [Recommended for such people] This product is perfect for those who like low resilience because high resilience is too hard.
    [Low-resilience pillow with selectable fit and height] The pillow uses a flexible low-resilience foam that fits softly. Supports the neck and cervical vertebrae and leads to a natural sleeping posture. The height is different between 9 cm and 11 cm on both sides, so you can choose the height according to your preference. The cover can be removed and washed, so you can always use it cleanly.
    (Both sides can be used according to the season) The surface uses a fabric with a cooling sensation value Qmax of 0.35/m2 that feels cold when touched. It dries quickly and is 3 times cooler than regular fabric, making it comfortable in hot weather. The back side is comfortable to the touch and can be used all year round. The rubber band is also black to give a sense of unity. Filled with 1.5 times more filling than a regular bed pad for a voluminous sleeping experience. * The mattress pad is made with a total length of 205 cm considering that it can be used together with other bedding.
    ● [Product specifications] ① [Premium memory foam mattress] Size: Width 97 cm x Length 195 cm x Height 5 cm, Product weight: 4.5 kg, Body material: Urethane foam, Cover surface fabric: 65% polyester, 35% rayon, Cover lining fabric: 100% polyester (anti-slip treatment), inner cover: 100% polyester (2) [Premium memory foam 3-piece pillow set] Size: Width approx. 54cm x Depth 33cm x Height 9-11cm, Product weight: Approx. , Body material: Urethane foam, Cover surface fabric: 65% polyester, 35% rayon, Cover gusset: 100% polyester, Inner cover: 100% polyester ③ [Reversible pad] Size: Width 100 x Length 205cm Product weight: 1.25kg , Main body material: Outer fabric: Cool nylon 50%, Cool polyester 50%, Lining/Piping: 100% polyester ●Brown box size: 31x31x52cm ●Accessories: instruction manual ●Luxury cosmetic box perfect for gifts ●Color: Black ● Reliable 1-year warranty ● Country of manufacture: Japanese company development / Italian design / production China factory [Please confirm the commitment of Japanese engineers]

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