GOKUMIN Takumi Ultimate Mattress, 4-Layer Construction, Extra Thick, 5.9 inches (15 cm), High Resilience, Memory Foam, Special Mattress That Can Be Replaced With 4 Layers, White, 0. Semi-Single

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[Extra-thick 15 cm, 4-layer mattress finally born] New product released in June 2021. 1 year in development, 4-layer structure with low resilience, high resilience, and 180N/250N high resilience, 5 patterns x Reversible cover x Special uneven processing x Bamboo charcoal deodorant x 55D-34D high quality urethane A revolutionary mattress that allows you to try 125 ways of sleeping comfort. There is no other mattress like this. This is TAKUMI's Ultimate Mattress, made possible only by GOKUMIN. Low resilience to high resilience, high resilience, you can experience all the comfort of sleeping, so it is a mattress that will not fail. [1 sheet lasts 12 times longer] With a 4-layer structure and a 3-fold structure, the waist, which is the most prone to fatigue, can be replaced with the head and legs. The result will last 12 times longer. Ultimate quality and this durability is economically recommended. [Recommended for those who] Want a thick mattress that fits, want to try uneven shapes, and don't know which one suits them (low resilience/high elasticity/180N/250N). The futon I'm using now and the feel are good, but the memory foam mattress that tends to stick to the bottom doesn't fit my body. Perfect for those who want to try low rebound, high resilience, or high resilience for a great night's sleep. [Convenient storage x Washable reversible cover] Comes with a handle for convenient storage, and a reversible cover that you can try in summer and winter. Because you use it every day, GOKUMIN supports your comfortable sleep with its exclusive antibacterial and deodorizing treatment, low formaldehyde, and excellent breathability. The newly developed side stopper completely guards against misalignment when folded in three. [Product Specifications] 12 months of quality assurance from the manufacturer after purchase. You can use it without worrying about initial failures and subsequent failures. Product size: Approx. 80 x 195 x 15 cm, Product weight: Approx. 11.1 kg, Cosmetic box size: 29 x 29 x 85 cm, Accessories: Instruction manual, Luxury cosmetic box, Final manufacturing location: China (Some materials are made in Japan. ) [Please feel the pride of Japanese engineers] : White
Size: 0.Semi-single
Package weight: 33.07 lbs
Brand name: GOKUMIN

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