GSK plc Smith Klein Enzyme-containing Polydent Enzyme-containing 108 tablets 6 tablets

GSK plc Smith Klein Enzyme-containing Polydent Enzyme-containing 108 tablets 6 tablets

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1. Strong sterilization 99.9% * eradicates a type of mold and odor-causing bacteria that have propagated on the dentition used all day long. 2. Quick-acting cleaning Even when used from the first time, the cleaning time is only 5 minutes and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. 3. Promotion of bleaching The effect spreads to small invisible holes on the surface of the dentition. 4. Remove colored stains Removes persistent colored stains on the dentition without damaging it. (Prescription without abrasives)

Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Effervescent agent (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid), bleaching / disinfecting agent (potassium persulfate, sodium percarbonate), stabilizer (sodium carbonate), lubricant (sodium benzoate, polyethylene glycol), bleaching Activator (tetraacetylethylenediamine), surfactant (sodium laurylsulfate), binder (vinylpyrrolidone / vinyl acetate copolymer, cellulose gum), fragrance, enzyme, dye (blue No. 1 aluminum lake, blue No.2, Yellow No. 4, Yellow No. 4 Aluminum Lake) Usage and dosage [How to use] Step 1: Put 1 tablet of Polydent in about 150 mL of lukewarm water (about 40 degrees). Step 2: Soak the entire insert in the cleaning solution for 5 minutes to overnight. After soaking in the cleaning solution, apply the cleaning solution to a "Polydent toothbrush (sold separately)" etc. to polish it. Step 3: After cleaning, rinse the dentition thoroughly with water and immediately discard the remaining cleaning solution. ● As a guide, one tablet at a time. Also, replace the cleaning solution every time. ● Separate and open the aluminum packaging just before use. If left open, it may not foam. ● To prevent accidental ingestion, we recommend using the "Polydent Cup (sold separately)" for cleaning the dentition. Agent type / shape Oral interior tool cleaning agent (foaming agent)

Precautions for use ● Do not put tablets or cleaning solutions in your mouth or eyes. If it does get in, wash it off with water and see a doctor. ● If you swallow a tablet or cleaning solution, consult a doctor. ● Do not use if you have experienced hypersensitivity symptoms due to this product. ● If you experience hypersensitivity after using this product, discontinue use and consult a doctor or dentist. ● Do not touch your mouth or eyes with your hands that have come in contact with tablets or cleaning solutions. Rinse your hands thoroughly with water if they come in contact with tablets or cleaning solutions. ● Do not use in hot water above 60 degrees. The dentition may be discolored or deformed. ● In rare cases, a small amount of metal used for dentition may discolor. In that case, please discontinue use. ● If left in a hot place, the product may expand. ● Store in a cool, dry place. ● Keep this product and cleaning solution out of the reach of children and those who require supervision by a third party. ● Do not use this product for anything other than cleaning the dentition. ● The solution may be decolorized, or white turbidity or precipitates may be seen, but this is not a quality problem. ● After discarding the cleaning liquid, wash the container used for cleaning with a sponge or the like. ● If the stain does not come off, it is possible that long-term pigmentation or tooth stones have adhered to the dentition. In that case, please consult a dentist.

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