GSK plc Smith Klein Polydent NEO denture cleaner 48 tablets

GSK plc Smith Klein Polydent NEO denture cleaner 48 tablets

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Partial dentures that also consider existing teeth [remaining teeth] Eradicate the causative bacteria of denture odor in 3 minutes ** 99.9% eradication *** GSK survey (in vitro) ◆ Peppermint containing 3 mint components , Spearmint, menthol ingredients. Refreshing with the scent of mint. ■ Clean your dentures with a denture cleaner every day. Since it does not contain abrasives, it cleans dentures without damaging them.

Ingredients / quantity Ingredients Sodium bicarbonate / citric acid (foaming agent), sodium perborate / potassium persulfate (bleaching agent), sodium metaphosphate / sodium metasilicate / potassium pyrophosphate (toothstone inhibitor), sodium carbonate (stabilizer) ), Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) (bleaching activator), sodium lauryl sulfate acetate (surfactant), sodium benzoate (lubricating agent), fragrance, vinylpyrrolidone / vinyl acetate copolymer (binding agent), enzyme , Sodium nitrite (rust preventive), Polydimethylsiloxane (film forming agent), Blue No. 2, Blue No. 1 aluminum lake, Yellow No. 4, Yellow No. 4 aluminum lake (dye) Liquid Weakly alkaline Usage and dosage How to use Step 1 Put 1 tablet of Polydent in 150 mL of lukewarm water (about 40 ° C). Step 2 Soak the entire denture in the cleaning solution every 3 minutes to overnight. After soaking in the cleaning solution, apply the cleaning solution to a "Polydent denture toothbrush (sold separately)" and polish it. Step 3 After cleaning, rinse the dentures thoroughly with water and immediately discard any remaining cleaning fluid. ● As a guide, one tablet at a time. Also, replace the cleaning solution every time. ● Separate and open the aluminum packaging just before use. If left open, it may not foam. Use Cleaning of dentures, cleaning of orthodontic brackets (cannot be used for removable partial dentures.)

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