Kao Bab MIRAI Beauty Smooth skin Bergamot & chamomile scent 1 packet

Kao Bab MIRAI Beauty Smooth skin Bergamot & chamomile scent 1 packet

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Take off what you don't need and start a bright Mirai. When you are worried about old keratin, use a bath to make your skin smooth.

Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Na hydrogen carbonate, Na carbonate, Na sulfate, fragrance, titanium oxide, talc, bentonite, Ca silicate, tri (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl, Na ascorbic acid, canina rose fruit extract, rice germ oil, honeybee seeds Extract, crow wheat grain extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose, oxidized Mg, sodium metaphosphate, sorbeth -40 tetraoleate, steareth-6, sodium polyacrylic acid, polyacrylic acid, PVP, BG, water Usage and dosage [How to use] Please put one packet in the hot water (150-200L) of the bathtub. Powder may remain on the bottom, so stir well to dissolve before bathing. Take a slow bath for 10 to 20 minutes in hot water of around 40 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to soak it slowly while stroking the skin. Sweat-prone areas: forehead, haegiwa, temples Dosage form / shape Powder

Precautions for use When melting, be careful not to inhale the powder. ● Do not use with other bath salts. ● Do not use for purposes other than bathing. [About the body] ● If you have an abnormality in your skin or constitution, consult a doctor before use. ● If you experience any abnormalities such as rash, redness, itchiness and irritation on your skin during or after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor. ● If powder gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately without rubbing, and consult an ophthalmologist if any abnormalities remain. ● If swallowed, take measures such as drinking water. [About the bathtub] ● There is no sulfur that damages the bathtub / bathtub. ● Do not use for natural marble bathtubs. ● The stains on the bathtub may be colored by the pigment of the bath salt, so remove the stains with a bathroom cleaner as soon as possible. ● In rare cases, the pipes and bath salts may become dirty when the hot water containing the bath salt is expelled. [About the remaining hot water] ● The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but the cleaning power may be weakened. Use fresh water (tap water) for rinsing and soft finishing. Do not use when washing clothes that have been left in place or grated, or when washing with fashionable detergent. ● Do not use for watering plants.

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